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Diagnostic Assessment Tools

A diagnostic assessment is a form of pre-assessment where SPEN teachers can evaluate a students’ strength, weakness, knowledge and skills before their instruction. An identical assessment will be given post every chosen programme to identify if the student has met the required learning objectives. With this form of assessment, our teachers can plan meaningful and efficient instruction and can provide students with an individualized learning experience. 

Special Ninja Learning Academy uses Curriculum Based Assessment Tests in English and Marathi recognised by all Education Boards in India.

Personalised learning solutions

Post diagnostic assessments of the student, the SPEN team of Special Educators and Mental Health Experts determine the child’s individual learning style to help them design fully personalised learning solutions using Individualised Education Plans (IEPs).

With SPEN Personalised learning solutions, students are provided the opportunity to use their knowledge to increase their talents and become ``original content creators”. It encourages a balanced and respectful student-teacher relationship while allowing the parents to be important stakeholders of the students learning journey. 

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Counselling & Guidance

Counselling helps to shape a student’s behaviour and instill discipline while channeling their talents and creative energies. Students who receive counselling and guidance throughout their schooling years learn to live in harmony, give and demand respect. 

The right guidance is also imperative to facilitate a child’s learning journey. Special Ninja Learning Academy uses psychometric assessments to gauge mental well-being and create personalised counselling plans for comprehensive progress.

Phonics & Phonemic Awareness

Phonics refers to knowledge of letter sounds and the ability to apply that knowledge in decoding unfamiliar printed words and Phonemic Awareness is the ability to notice, think about, and work with the individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words. This includes blending sounds into words, segmenting words into sounds, and deleting and playing with the sounds in spoken words.

A child who learns reading through phonics will have excellent phonemic awareness which is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate letter symbols with their appropriate sound. The Special Ninja Learning Academy incorporates a complete, well-rounded phonics program that also encourages visual learners to recognize whole words by sight, and creates opportunities for extensive reading and creative writing.

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Teacher Training

The teacher training programme of the Special Ninja Learning Academy aims to equip educators with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) strategies to improve quality of instruction and help them to improve their learning environments by better understanding their students. The SPEN Teacher Training Programme aids teachers to better manage the classroom, identify struggling students early on, and improve student learning.


The Special Ninja Home-Schooling Programme is a comprehensive and holistic Programme created by Teachers, Special Educators, Counselors and other experts. The SPEN team uses an alternative approach to teach the grade-specific pedagogical framework of CBSE, ICSE and other Home-schooling boards chosen by the student.

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